Saturday, 20 September 2014

Catch Me When I Fall by Vicki Leigh

Choosing which book to read and review is often hard, it can be hit and miss whether the book catches you imagination and pulls you into its world.

Catch Me When I Fall had me hooked from the first paragraph.

My first impressions of the main character, Daniel, was that I felt sorry for him being trapped in his roll as a Dreamcatcher/Protector of the Night (which will be referred to as PoN from now on).  Being a PoN means basically spending every day in battle, protecting unwitting humans from Nightmares (Demons). A PoN can be killed, a second and final death for them. If this happens they cease to exist. No heaven awaits them as reward for all they've done. 

To me this seemed harsh, my first thought was had Daniel done something truly awful in his human life to be sentenced to serve as PoN? The answer it seems, is no. To be a PoN is to die protecting someone else. It is an offer, one which can be refused. Daniel's choice for becoming a PoN was simply for his family, he was young when he died and he did not want to completely leave them.

The character of Daniel reminds me a lot of Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments series. Actually a few references in this book remind me of others book series' for example;

There are Witches and Warlocks in this book also known as Magus, their creation (a demon and a human procreate and the child is born a Witch or Warlock) reminds me a lot of the Dhampirs (a Moroi and a Human procreate and the child is born a Dhampir) from the Vampire Academy series as well as Warlocks (Demon and Human procreate and the child is born a Warlock) from the Mortal Instruments series.

Anyway back to Daniel, he's been a PoN for over 200 years and is one of the best Dreamcatchers currently in service. In his human life he was the son of an Earl and at the tender age of 17 he joined the army and went off to war in 1812, where he died.

I won't go into too much detail here as I don't want spoilers, but the gist is, he gets a charge named Kayla and in typical style of these kinds of books he starts to fall for her. There is a Big Bad which is after Kayla and Daniel does all he can to protect her whilst trying to defeat the Big Bad.

There are a few other characters or sidekicks as I like to refer to them, that are essential to the story.  We have Giovanni who is the kind of boss to the PoN, my impression of him is dislike and distrust. Personally I felt after first meeting him, if a Nightmare decided to go on a suicide mission it could start by killing Giovanni.

Then there's Bartholomew, he's Giovanni's boss and is as old as time itself it would seem, he appears to be a wise old guy, kind and likes a good budding romance. I really like this character a lot.

Of course no story is complete without the best friend, the little sister/brother and an ex. Well we get those in the form of Seth (funny guy, likes a good prank and a good knees up.), Tabbi (sweet little sister kind of girl, great banter between her and Daniel really does remind me of a sibling relationship.) and Samantha (Daniel's trainee who he had a one night stand with and then told her it was a mistake - ouch).

I absolutely adored this book, the setting and events were very descriptive and the character progression is great. The flow of the storyline is well written and I can't pick a fault at all with this book. To be truly honest, I can't wait for more.

It's clear that author Vicki Leigh has a blossoming career ahead of her and I for one will be right there buying her books as they're released.

So, make sure you add the date for this book release to your calender and get it hot off the shelf, you certainly won't be disappointed.
release date: 23rd October 2014

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