Friday, 31 October 2014


Okay, so my plan was to have at least read It Must Have Been The Mistletoe by now, however due to an unforeseeable accident with my eReader (it may have took a fall into what was surely going to be a nice bath) I've been unable to read as planned.

However while the blasted thing is away for repair (it's a shame I couldn't simply dry it out on a heater like the good old days with an actual book) I've been forced to rethink my reading list.

Thankfully I received a spectacular surprise in the mail from a wonderful friend, it was a copy of Reflections of the Legend: Passions of a New Day, by E.A. Schneider. So, with a reshuffle of my schedule I am now reading this book.

I hope to have my trusty tablet back by the time I finish this book, however if not, I do have 2 books stored on a memory card which i believe, with a little help from Calibre, I can read using my laptop.

So, watch this space for the review of Reflections of the Legend: Passions of a New Day ..... Yeah I'm so going to shorten the title to Reflections for the sake of my review.

Until then, I hope you have a frightfully awesome Halloween.