Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Hello and welcome to my book review blog, Truth About The Book.

My name is Bee and I will be giving my honest opinion on the books I read.  No matter how awful the book I will finish it and I will review it.

I will try my hardest to not post spoilers, but if I must do so to get my point across i will give you a fair warning.

A little bit about me.

Well, like I said, my name is Bee and I have had a love affair with books since I was about 13/14 years old. Before that books were for nerds, but then, ah the magical world of witches and wizards and He Who Shall Not Be Named, landed in my lap and I realised books weren't for nerds, books were for those with an imagination that knew no limits.  How wonderful it was to escape the cold hard reality of life by opening a book.

After reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, I began to read books by Christopher Pike and L.J. Smith.  As I grew older, I began sneaking book's off my mum's bookshelf. That was when my true journey began.

I discovered the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, had my eyes opened by Virginia Andrews and fell in love with Eponine and Marius.

By the time I was 21, my book habit had become dangerous. Who knew an Ikea bookcase couldn't hold the weight of almost 200 books and who knew that said bookcase would collapse in the middle of the night turning you into a ninja in pajamas. 

Over the last five years I've had to admit defeat with the bookcases. Replacing them, repairing them, it all just became too expensive so I said goodbye to my trusty well read books (except the first editions I have!) and handed them over to the local Cat Protection Charity Shop for re-sale. In their place I bought my first ever eReader (which died 5 months ago and my reaction to it's death led to growing concerns for my sanity after I posted a Facebook status about my heartbreak and devastation over the untimely demise of my one true friend. Apparently family and friends felt I should have clarified that it was my eReader that had died and not a person. Pfft is all I have to say that.).  I now own a tablet which, I find, much better than a plain eReader, as I can read all different file formats thanks to so many wonderful apps. But of course nothing can ever replace the feel of a book in your hand, the smell of the pages... Clearly I have a problem.

So, why am I only now starting a Book Blog? Well, I'm constantly leaving reviews on Amazon and Goodreads that I found myself thinking, why not have a no holds barred blog where I don't need to censor myself for the sake of others. 

And that folks, is that.

Stay tuned for my first ever review on this blog. The book has been chosen and my skin is already crawling in anticipation after seeing the cover art, the book I will be reviewing is *drumroll*

Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror (12th Doctor novel) 

If you want to drop me an email with a book suggestion, feedback or abuse (i give as good as i get.), feel free to do so at: