Monday, 11 July 2016

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Forewarned by Holly M. Campbell

Have you ever read a book and turned the next page only to find it’s blank? I was that engrossed in the story of Forewarned that I didn't realise i was at the end of the book.

So i got the email, can you do a review yadda yadda yadda and I hadn't gotten round to reading book one Foreshadowed yet due to taking time off writing book reviews while i turned into a cross between an evil dictator and bridezilla’s wicked sister planning my wedding. Of course i kept reading, I wouldn't be me if I didn't.

I had to ask my fiancĂ© if he thought i could read both books within a short amount time and do a review. His reply was to give “that” look and say “you could read both books in a day.” He had a point, I really could, but i was waiting for my new glasses so to keep my optician happy i went slow-ish. I finished Foreshadowed in 4 days, bypassing the “20 minutes reading” before bed rule for an hour three times a day, by the time i’d finished book one I was hooked and my glasses were ready.

Locking myself away from the world, my trusty assistant Dippy (meows purrs) curled into my arm and we settled down to read Forewarned.

The story follows on from Foreshadowed, a quick overview for you here, Foreshadowed told the story of Hope, she  is sixteen going on seventeen year old girl, a loner with only two friends. Oh and she can read your mind *eerie music please maestro!* Hope meets new boy Lance, he gives off a bad boy vibe, handsome, brooding, loner who can see how you die by looking in your eyes.

Yeah you read that right, gotta suck to be him right?

Hope and Lance’s eyes meet across a crowded room and instantly fall in love. Nah nah nah just kidding, he totally sees her get murdered and since she can read minds she also sees her own death. I loved their first meeting, it appealed to the twisted side me. And that ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, children of all ages is that for Foreshadowed (go read it, it’s sooooo much better than what i just said.) Anyway you get the gist, book one is about trying to stop Hope dying.

Book two, Forewarned, is also about trying to stop Hope dying.

So, if you haven’t read Foreshadowed please stop reading here, cause i’m going to talk about and i’d hate to spoil it for you. So, stop reading this blog post and go read the book.

Have you gone yet? Or maybe you’re just returning? Oh or you could have already read Foreshadowed and are waiting for me to just get on with it? Yeah i’m waiting for me to get on with it as well.

Alrighty then let’s do this.

Forewarned picks up after Foreshadowed, Hope is on lock-down because her parents are super scared after what happened on Prom night, Lance is the town hero and they’re very much alive. For now. Yeah Hope really rained on the killer’s parade by getting involved. Thatta girl!

A little way into the story and Hopes Mum and Dad have gone off the handle over a little bruised face, they think Lance hit her, he didn't, they don’t believe her, they should, but they don’t. So, Hope has her phone and computer privileges taken away from her, her car keys are yanked and she’s banned from ever seeing Lance again.

This kind of puts a dampener on what they need to be doing because erm the killer is still on the loose and now Hope has his attention.

There’s loads of sneaking around to see each other, Bryce plays a big part in helping Hope and Lance not only meet up but also to grow their talents.  Bryce is definitely starting to grow on me at this point.

There’s a new potential murder victim, Hope knows what the killer looks like thanks to a new vision of her death, one where he isn't wearing a mask. But it’s not like she can go to the police and say “hey i know what he looks like I saw him kill me without his mask on.” So she has to enlist the help of poor Claire because Hope can’t draw to save her life, really she should learn since it would likely save her life. Oh the irony.

Hope keeps getting dreams/visions from her spirit guide who is about as much use as a chocolate fire-guard. The cryptic clues were giving me a headache so I can feel for poor Hope. And Samantha, the victim from the first book, is now haunting Hope and Lance, kind of, I guess haunting isn't the right word. But she’s there, lurking.

Like all teenage couples, Hope and Lance run into a minor problem in their relationship, that problem being Debbie. Oh yeah she makes an appearance. Hope is not happy with Lance and ends up breaking up with him i guess? Either way she tells her parents it’s over with Lance and keeps ignoring his calls while she and Bryce go to save the Killer’s next victim.

Following the cryptic advice of her Spirit Guide, Hope starts going against her gut instincts, which leads us to the end of the book, where her gut says to follow Bryce and tackle the Killer together, she stays in the car and …. Well…. Nope can’t say it, not even going to mention, *sulky glares at the author* twasn’t funny. *pouts*

The book ends and i’m left itching for book three, Foretold. I’m unimpressed with the ending, simply because I wasn’t expecting it, which i believe was the point. Nothing is destined.

Since finishing the book i’ve been thinking of who the Killer is, he isn’t someone Hope knows, or Claire from the looks of it. My initial thought was he must have known the victims in some way, i suspected Pete very briefly in the beginning but now i’m thinking whoever the Killer is, he’s just well organised and dedicated, he sees who he wants and sets out to learn everything he can about the victim before he takes them, then he has his fun with them, gets to know them more while holding them prisoner. I’m sure there are clues in the books as to who the guy is or where he takes the victims. My guess right now is the answer lies with Tina, wherever she’s supposed to die is close to the Killer’s lair.

Overall, Forewarned was a brilliantly written story, it followed up Foreshadowed nicely and has lined up Foretold perfectly. If the sneak peek at Foretold is anything to go by, it immediately follows on from Forewarned.

I’m still not happy about the ending mind. If i was a creepy dude like the Killer i’d send a very strong worded letter, nah only joking i’m more likely to sit and sulk in the corner for a bit. Then go back over both books for clues, which is what i’m doing right after i finish this review.

So yeah, get yourself to amazon and buy Foreshadowed if you haven’t already read it, then sit and stare at the 48fourteen facebook page until Forewarned is released and go buy it. And if you don’t buy it, may a plague of fire ants infest your crotch because you’d be mad not to read this series.