Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Reflections of the Legend: Passions of a New Day by E.A Schneider

I must confess that when I received my copy of this book in the post,  I squealed, a full on girly squeal of sheer joy. This was my kind of book, love, tragedy,  Arthurian legend,  all in one book. The story is actually split over four books. 

I have to give major props to the author, E.A. Schneider for not only writing this story but for not using a publishing house. Yes that's right, this book's road to publication began with a crowd funding campaign to help cover the costs of a professional edit and then on to amazon for print on demand publishing.  Relying solely on social media to get the message out there. I admire the dedication, patients and strength of the author.

Now onto the book review.

Anyone who knows anything of Arthurian legend or who has watched the BBC series Merlin, or any films on King Arthur and his band of merry men.... wait they're knights not merry men but they may as well be, will know of the love triangle between King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot. 

Well this book certainly has that.

The book begins in 1976 with the introduction of young Genny Cameliard and her parents going to a Christmas party. Fast forward a year to a bit of tragedy and a little more explaining of the adults and their search to prove Camelot was real. 

Then its 1994 and Genny is all grown up. Genny is on a night out with her best friend Susan and some other friends where she meets Lance and his friends Art, Wayne and Perry. 

Genny is a teacher and Lance, Art, Wayne and Perry are in the Navy.
During the book, we, along with Genny and the others, learn more about their parents research and the legend of Camelot. There is some time travel but not too much to spoil the book. 

I have to admit I couldn't help but laugh at the meeting between Genny and the guys. As much as I felt sorry for her, I just couldn't help but laugh.  Love starts to blossom for Genny with Lance.  

Could Lady Guinevere finally be with Sir Lancelot? Would my hopes for this perfect matching happening? Had the stars been rewritten to bring me my biggest longing since learning of the legend? 

I was glued to my seat as i read, devouring chapter after chapter and then .... Tragedy. Fate intervened and pulled the rug out from under my feet as Genny and Lance fell apart and she fell into Art.  I may have chucked my book at the wall in protest. I certainly called the author a few names and cursed a plague of fire ants to crawl into her underwear for a week.

After my tantrum I picked up my book again and continued to read, and as I did, I soon found myself not hating the development of Genny and Art. The years passed by and soon we were transported to 2005. 

Just when you think all is going to be wonderful and happy ever after, something happens, we don't know what and the book ends with a cliff hanging knock on Genny's door. 

I turned the page expecting to read what my mind was screaming "No! Don't let it be!" only to find the page blank. I turned back to the final page, to the last line, to the knock on the door,  I turned the page again but still it was blank! I had reached the end of the bloody book and my mind screamed in frustration! 

I immedately took to facebook to demand to know who was at the door, what had happened, was Art okay? All these questions are apparently answered in book 2.  I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loved a bit of romance, tragedy, Arthurian Legend and ehm, sex. Yes that's right there is some, well written sex scenes in the book.

As i said at the beginning of this review, the author isn't being published via a Publishing House, like book one, the second book will be published with the help of crowd funding. So i suggest you not only buy this book but also check out the crowd funding page for book 2. 

This book is available on Amazon in paperback format and as Kindle, as well as itunes.

And don't forget to check out the crowd funding campaign for book 2:

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