Monday, 11 July 2016

Amazon Prime Day

OMG! Checkout these awesome deals on amazon! As part of the Prime Day celebrations these 4 products will be appearing on lightening deals with atleast 20% off!!!


But what's sooooooo awesome is, if you're not a prime member you can get the love with the following offers:

1. All items: 15% OFF. Save 15% each on entire catalogue offered by Biaozhuo when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code C8X5Z4AY at checkout.
2. Special sale offers: 25% OFF. Enter code XYCZ968C at checkout. You can search the ASIN on Amazon and find it out.
Smart watch: B00LHSAOQE, B00LHSAOW8, B00ZWY0BDA, B00ZWY5WW0
Bluetooth Headset: B00WQEXYE2, B00WQEY0IQ
3. Series of Selfie stick: 50% OFF. Enter code 5TJNRSJ3 at checkout.

Store Link: