Sunday, 1 March 2015

Update and Giveaways :)

It feels like forever since I last posted a review.

To begin with, Happy 2015! I've started this new year by recovering from my second bout of Pneumonia, breaking my tablet, having my laptop die on me and going through a box of books that I received as a Christmas present only to really discover, I'd already read them.

So, I got to thinking,  what on earth am I to do with this big box of unread books?

Give them away!

I mean, why not? I'm not going to read them and the box is too heavy for me to carry to the nearest charity shop. And to be honest, a book blog is the perfect place to give them away.

So keep your eyes peeled, I'll be posting my first giveaway in the coming weeks :)

Before I forget, I'm now on Twitter! Give me a follow to be kept up to date! @BookReviewGirl

Stay tuned for my next review, The Maze Runner, it should be up within the next hour!